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Your search is over. There is a way to make money online whether you're creative or not that can provide long term residual income that grows wealth for you while you build it over time. We are Jen and Elke Clarke, Zazzle Expansion experts.

We have done the hard work for you - found a profitable “business in a box”, proven it works with our personal success ($15 million in sales so far), confirmed that our business framework and process work with our coaching clients ($30 million in sales so far).

Now it’s your turn to jump right into the business model that has provided us with abundant side hustle income for over 14 years without huge cash outlay, figuring out a lot of tech, needing huge numbers of social media followers, or working more than 5 hours a week.

Here’s what you get in this FREE challenge:

Day 1: Zazzle Phenomenon

Get ready to have your world rocked by this business model using an e-commerce platform called Zazzle. You can sell products online that you physically don’t make. Whether you are creative or not, step into Zazzle’s multi-million dollar revenue stream as a “creator” who monetizes digital designs by adding them to products that Zazzle sells. Sell without sourcing suppliers, product fulfillment, shipping, billing and dealing with customers. Find out how it can be possible for you to easily get started and hear case studies of real regular people from all over the world who have used Zazzle to transform their lives with a thriving online business using Zazzle.

Day 2: Start Smart

Receive a step by step walkthrough on how to easily create your FREE account and open your FIRST online Zazzle store. Be guided past the pitfalls of naming your store, avoid potential copyright issues, lock in branding choices and start smart to build a presence online that can grow into a recognizable and sought after brand aligned with your unique offerings for sale.

Day 3: Begin Selling

Learn the best way to post products for sale on Zazzle compared to other print on demand sites or Amazon Merch, KDP, and Etsy. Design and post your first product for sale guided with step by step instruction. Ditch your current ideas on what you need to DO to sell like crazy on Zazzle as you discover the unique selling points of best sellers on Zazzle and how your products can be easily found by the millions of customers that come to Zazzle monthly.

It’s time to discover YOUR HIDDEN POTENTIAL while you let go of the crippling and false belief that doing something new and creative can’t generate abundance.

This is the beginning of a
Zazzle Phenomenon

Get your creative (and non-creative) soul to this challenge with fellow Zazzle Creators and start your successful side hustle for real, where abundance and working smarter not harder is the new normal!


I quadrupled my income since starting with Jen and Elke. They are amazing at knowing exactly what will sell in my Zazzle store. 

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I am making more sales than ever after I started working with Jen and Elke. Zazzle is now my full time income.

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In two years on my own I earned $132 on Zazzle. In four years with Jen and Elke’s help I earned $300,000!

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If you're ready to start and online business, so that you can level up your life, we've got you.

Stop searching for the perfect online business, being paralyzed by overwhelm and not knowing which option will work for you. Get your boss babe hat on! It’s time to rock your world and believe it’s possible for you with this awesome online business model that has been our significant income source for over 14 years!

Jen and Elke Clarke Zazzle Expansion Experts

We are Zazzle Expansion Experts

With our combined success, we were quickly labeled “Zazzle Expansion Experts” and that’s when we realized no one else was coaching others to create their own successful Zazzle businesses.

Since 2017, we’ve helped our clients generate $30 million dollars in sales, empowered over 1,000 students and coaching clients, and built a community of over 10,000. 

But it’s not all about the money…our clients have achieved major transformations in their lives…confidence, clarity, freedoms, a new way of life with less stress and more joy.

We believe there is enough abundance for all of us to be successful on Zazzle. With our process, framework, proven roadmap, and us as coaches in your corner, anything is possible. 

Jen and Elke Clarke